Hello, my name is Brian Regli – I’m the facilitator of the Monochrome Workshop blog, and one of the founders of the Monochrome Cooperative.  We are a community of artists, technologists, and entrepreneurs working together to create a 1920s cartoon comedy video game called the Monochrome RPG.

Like the Monochrome Community itself, this blog will contain a broad diversity of voices, allowing the individuals participating in the process an opportunity to talk about themselves, their interests, and how they came to participate in the development of the game.

As our community expands, we anticipate that blog posts will also contain updates from the community about our progress in building new characters, developing new ideas for gameplay and plot lines, and promoting our collective and individual work.

Many of you reading this post are freelance creatives, working on various projects at any given time, trying to pay the bills while keeping your passion alive.  Monochrome offers you another outlet for your work, and an opportunity to create an ongoing annuity revenue stream rather than a one-time payment for your artistic efforts.

Or maybe you have made it to a job as a full-time artist or with a game development company, and just want an opportunity to express yourself more freely by participating in a new project.  Monochrome can be a space where you come to broaden your experience and let your imagination run wild.

Others reading this blog post might have had difficulty finding an opportunity to participate in game development; perhaps you’ve applied for jobs in the field and have been rejected, or been excluded from online communities where the guidelines for participation have been unclear or limited expression.

We, as a community, plan to approach this process very differently than a typical game development company – we think that diversity of thought and style is a feature, not a constraint. We believe that your vision and voice can make a valuable contribution to our community.

Join our community and this blog will include your voice – and the voices of many other colleagues that seek to collaborate to tell this fantastic story.  Otherwise, read our blog, and follow our progress!

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