Hello Everyone!

Wondering who this guy talking to you through this blog post is?​

I hope you don’t mind my prattle, but my name is Gabriel Regli, Co-Director of Monochrome. I am a SCAD student majoring in animation, with a concentration in storyboarding. I have always enjoyed the act of illustrating stories, characters, and worldbuilding. As you can imagine, it’s not usually a very profitable job.

It’s sometimes harder to get people to believe in your abilities when you are different, such as having Asperger’s, like me. But I know first hand that with that difference comes a unique point of view. It’s a difficult hurdle to climb over, but I know we can do it together!

So, how was everyone brought together?

The answer is quite simple in concept, but long in description. 

I encountered this project when I was following one of my favorite artists on DeviantArt and noticed his struggles to get a game of his up and running. Eamonn Bent, also known as EB, is Co-Director with me. 

You see, with the guidance of my father’s knowledge of business and the inner-workings of a company, along with a great programming team, we created a unique system made for each artist to gain their fair share of experience and if we are successful in launching the game, money for their labors. 

We continued to expand on EB’s ideas and stoked the flames of creativity with the initial artists that joined, like perhaps you, dear reader.

I’m so excited to see the many amazing artists that have agreed to join our project. The world of art and animation can be a problematic and isolating place to thrive. Especially when you consider most people are very restricted in what they are allowed to do and often paid little or no money for the work.

This is even more challenging when your way of thinking and communicating is different from others. This includes me and a handful of other sorts of folk that might also include yourself! 

We Welcome You to Join!!!

If you’re not part of the community yet, we welcome you to join! If you are, now that you are part of our community, know that thinking and doing things differently are welcome here! Your unique perspective is valued.

As you probably already understand, the story of Otto rotates around the idea of entertainment and the Bleak Barons, but the rest is still being created. We have some concepts, but we aren’t sure that they are peak perfect. You can help by thinking about any twists and turns that appear on this journey! Even create some for us to decide on! 

As such, Otto and his journey are like an open canvas for all you artists. Whatever emotions you feel, he shall also feel in his own way. Whatever you struggle with, it will also be a challenge for Otto to conquer. Whatever your imagination comes up with, it will always be one of the reasons I’m so excited for this project come to life with your help.

Welcome to the Monochrome Workshop Community!

Gabe Regli
Co-Director of the Monochrome RPG