The Monochrome Workshop has been hard at work designing, programming, and arting more content for the Demo of the Monochrome RPG. Having tested the Demo over Summer at GEXCon the team has been focused on adding more structured content as well as opening up the creation of the project through a Discord Server and new website!

After having more than 50 creatives offer to help with the design and development of the project focused effort has been put into planning out the next major version of the demo, what we’re calling the Demo+ (Demo plus)!

This update, version 0.0.1a, is the first step towards implementing the content and features we’ve planned for the Demo+! Continue reading below to see what’s been added or download the latest version now and try it out for yourself!

If you have any issues, ideas, or suggestions with/about the Demo let us know by filling out our feedback form or joining our Discord Server!

New Content

Story: Otto’s Morning

The first section of the Demo’s updated story has been implemented! Follow along as Otto starts his morning and strange events begin to occur in his house!

Workshop Art: Otto’s Cuisine and Decor

The Workshop has been creating new art assets to help flesh out Otto’s house and give players different objects to interact with. In this version, we’ve added more of the latest art (interaction to come)!

In Otto’s kitchen, there’s plenty of new assets such as the pie, pitcher of lemonade, teapot, flower vase, and more!

UI Art: Updated Main Menu & Battle Menu

We’ve also found a strong direction for the user interface art. The Main Menu and Battle Menu now feature updated art with a theatre direction

We’ve updated the Main Menu to go along with the new battle art!
Intro animation before battles begin!

New Features

Interaction: Otto’s Jokes

We’ve added a time-based interaction for Otto’s joke ability which determines how effective the joke is!

New joke system where you have to time your answer!

Feedback: Troupe Members Attacks

Troupe members now come out onto the stage to perform their attacks!

What’s Next?

Next, we’ll be focused on implementing more of the story leading up to before Otto goes downstairs to his basement to talk to Gackle! We’ll also be adding progression features to help players get a better sense of what’s happening in the world and to Otto as they move through the story. We’re thinking towards: an Inventory System and Quest Notifications.

Thanks for reading!

If you’d like to help test new versions of the game and be a part of designing the game join the discord!

We’re looking forward to adding more to the demo as we get closer to the end of the year. Make sure to keep checking back to hear more about the project, the workshop, and the latest features!


Let us know by filling out our feedback form for this version of the game!

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