Everything below is fan-submitted and is NOT canon to the core Monochrome RPG!

Character stats
Height: Never count, height is but a number (Reality = 0.9x Otto units)
Weight: Enough weight to crush! (Reality = 1x Otto unit)
Age: Who wants to know? (Reality = Around 40 y.o)
Hair: Unknown (under lab bouffant cap most of the time anyways)
Species: Up for debate
Body feature: Scientifically proportional, clad in lab coat and bouffant cap. He always wears a
face mask so nobody can tell what he looks like under all that.
Facial feature: Unknown (covered by face mask and lab goggles)
Identifying feature: Mad scientist
Apparel: Lab coat
DnD personality alignment: Chaotic Evil
Affiliated organization: Unknown (too busy to organize, he is self-serving)
Political beliefs: Whichever gives him more grants for him to work on his nefarious purpose
Theological beliefs: Scientificology (like scientology, but more scientific, in fact ALL scientific)

Dr. X, simply put, is a mad scientist. He has been enamored by science ever since he was a wee lad, particularly when it comes to the science of time and space. Given his background, Dr. X received accolades and was Toonworld’s leading expert in matters of temporal physics. However, he was never satisfied. Thus, he withdrew from society to focus on his passion project:

Dr. X wanted to monopolize time and space to himself. He wanted to be the master of time and space. He was almost successful in his endeavor, that is, until Otto and his friends come along.

Away from the hustle-bustle of Talent town, past Otto’s house, a little bit outside of Swinger’s Sinyard, he built his lab. He worked tirelessly from dawn till dusk and back to dawn again to build his machine. Finally, after years of experimenting, he built his time trigger machine – a machine
that would enable him to go wherever and whenever to change history. As he liked it. But in science, nothing will ever truly be accomplished without real-life data. He was successful in sending bananas and apples and small objects through time, but he still needed to collect data on sending living organisms. Hence why he started kidnapping citizens of Talent Town to be the subject of his experiment.

Earlier, these incidents were chalked off to simply accidents, whereby characters simply lost their way home (let’s face it, these zany characters can get to various troubles). However, more and more of these incidents took place. Until one day, Dr. X kidnapped one of Otto’s best friends.
At first, Otto was confused. It was not like his friend to be “lost”. He searched all over the area for clues and found his friend’s shoe near Swinger’s Sinyard. His friend had no business there. So he went to the only known residence in the area, Dr. X’s.

Otto knocked on the door. Dr. X’s lackey (think of Frankenstein’s Igor) opened the door gruffly. Otto asked about his friend’s whereabouts and the lackey suddenly attacked Otto! Otto fought and subdued the lackey. He broke into Dr. X’s lab and made his way to Dr. X’s main lab, fighting through a number of Dr. X’s lackeys.

Otto confronted Dr. X. Dr. X aimed at the time trigger at Otto. Otto was transported to an earlier stage in the game. After regrouping and gathering his wits about him, he surveyed his environment. He saw that he was in the past. Otto walked about the area and found a component of the time trigger, the Sensor. He destroyed it and he was instantly transported to the present, in Dr. X’s lab again.

Only this time, the time trigger is a little damaged, it was reacting slower.
One more time Dr. X aimed the time trigger at Otto. Just as before, Otto was transported to an earlier stage, earlier time. Knowing what he knew now, from his previous experience, Otto set out to find another piece of time trigger and destroyed it. This time, it’s the twins’ Battery packs A and B. Just as Otto suspected, destroying the piece of time trigger immediately catapulted him to the present.

For the last time, Dr. X charged the time trigger that is now functioning ever so slowly and aimed it at Otto. Once again, Otto was transported to the past stages. This time too, Otto managed to locate his friend and rescued him/her. They banded together and destroyed the last of the
time trigger piece, the Core. And both were immediately catapulted to the present.

This time, the time trigger stopped working. Only Dr. X is left. Otto and his friend(s) proceeded to fight Dr. X and defeated Dr. X. With the time trigger destroyed, all missing Toonworld residents came back, as if the incident never happened (don’t think too hard on this one, temporal mechanics can be really tricky). Otto saved the day!

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