Meet Our Story Managers!

From behind the scenes, our two Story Managers, Vaughn and Kal are the masterminds behind the writing pipelines of the Monochrome Workshop. Beyond their daily tasks of managing the writing side of things, they are also in charge of making and posting dev logs/blog posts! Without further ado, here’s what you should expect to see from them:

About Vaughn

Howdy, everyone! I’m Vaughn (they/them) and I’m one of the story managers for Monochrome RPG! I’m from San Antonio, Texas and went to Texas A&M, where I got a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in English! My true passion is video games, specifically ludology and narrative design, and I’m very excited to get to show that off!

As far as Monochrome updates go, you can expect to hear more about the logistics and managerial side of things from me! I work face-to-face with members of our workshop more often, and coordinate/delegate the different responsibilities. That being said, don’t count me out for writing updates as well! Otherwise, I’ll mostly be using this space to talk about game design! Specifically: different games I’ve played and how they use their mechanics/design to tell their story.

About Kal

Hello all! My name is Kal (she/her), and I’m the Assistant Story Manager and one of the Lead Scriptwriters for Monochrome RPG! I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia but I’m currently looking to continue pursuing my degree in Linguistics and Archiving in France! Writing has always been one of my biggest passions and I absolutely love working on this project with such a talented group of people!

On the Monochrome side of things, I handle a lot of marketing aspects on top of my regular tasks. I’ve been in charge of the “Meet The Troupe!” series, which interviews the core team of DVNC and the workshop, and going forward I will be documenting my role in the project and my own experiences. Furthermore, I’ll also be taking the opportunity to explore some of my greatest inspirations: horror, classical literature, and punk music, and how all these different aspects can be combined to form exciting narratives for digital media and most importantly: video games!

Have you supported us on Kickstarter yet? No!? Well, get those lazy bones over there! Followers will get emailed when the Kickstarter goes live in September. We’ll be having limited edition early bird rewards, so preview followers will have the advantage on grabbing those before they run out, since they’ll be among the first to know when we launch!

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