With a Kickstarter on the way and our pipeline processes being put into production, it’s been all hands on deck here at DVNC! Here’s a couple updates from some of our stagehands on what we’ve been up to behind the scenes these last couple weeks!

Art Pipeline Updates - Lilly

Hiya, Toons! Things have been going swell as development for the Monochrome RPG continues. Recently, the main focus for artists has been improving the asset pipeline. To make sure all of the assets for the game are as consistently funky-fresh as they can be, we started an asset overhaul through a base style guide. The style guide we used consisted of basic shapes and materials, and also listed out relevant assets for each!

Here’s a quick peak at an early stage of our current style guide:

Since then, the new assets have been moved to our database and are slowly being assigned to artists for creation. These new assets will be a part of the next vertical slice update for the game, which we are preparing for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, and they’ve been doing an amazing job with them! Here’s a few of the great assets our artists have made using this guide:

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the new Kickstarter homepage and follow us. Tell your friends, family, and the whole neighborhood! We chose to do a Kickstarter for the Monochrome RPG’s first episode so that we can support the rest of the asset creation and promote the game via online and offline channels. We want to make the best darn RPG possible, and a Kickstarter will help us for the final stretch of development.

Besides new assets and the foundation of the Kickstarter, we have also been working on a new style of interface for our game’s Bouts. In the recent Battle Build (which, if you haven’t played yet, go do that!), we established a few different types of Bouts that players will experience throughout the RPG. With that, we are planning on improving the visuals and menu styles of the Bouts so that they each play well and looks stylish. We hope to have an elegant user interface by the next update!

As always, make sure to try out the Monochrome RPG demo and Battle Build if you haven’t already, and be sure to follow our Kickstarter! 

Writer's Pipeline Updates - Vaughn

Hello, welcome, one and all and every toon both big and small!

It’s been a hectic week for our writers! Without spoilers, here are a few of the many things we’ve been working on:

  • Putting the finishing touches on the last of our first round of side-quests!
  • Welcoming our next batch of writers into the workshop! Including, but not limited to, our Character Design Bout winners!
  • Finishing our first draft rewrite of the episode one script! Kal and I both are very excited about the changes so far, and are even more excited to make the next draft even better!
  • Encouraging submissions to our item/move bout! Wish I could show off some of the amazing designs we’ve been getting, but you’ll all have to wait for the big reveal.
  • Polishing our character design pipeline so we can start getting more “colorful” characters into Monochrome!
  • Drafting, publishing, and sharing the comedic stylings of Monochrome RPG!

So, as y’all can hopefully see, we’ve been hard at work to make this Kickstarter, and by extension the game, as successful, fun, and toontastic as possible! If you haven’t gotten the chance yet, PLEASE go check out our Kickstarter preview and follow us there to be one of the FIRST to get to see the fruits of our writers’ amazing efforts!

For more updates about Monochrome RPG, consider following us on Twitter! One more shout-out to our Kickstarter preview, where followers will get emailed when the Kickstarter goes live in September. We’ll be having limited edition early bird rewards, so preview followers will have the advantage on grabbing those before they run out, since they’ll be among the first to know when we launch!

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