After a hectic start to the month, things have been relatively calm as we get closer and closer to the Kickstarter, but that doesn’t mean that we’re slacking off on bringing our audience quality content! Read on to catch up on all the latest Monochrome news!

Art Pipeline - Lilly

A new round of assignments have just gone out to our artists, so we’re expecting to see an influx of content in the coming weeks! Our programming interns have been working on the dialogue and quest system for the vertical slice, and our co-ops have been busy putting the finishing touches on certain level designs. Take a look here:

Writing Pipeline - Kal

The Faction Pipeline is well underway! We held a Q&A meeting with Gabe, one of the original core creators of the Monochrome universe, and our writers had a blast getting to ask him questions relating to the different groups and peoples of the world. As Gabe likes to say, “Always be creative!”  and our team is more than carrying out that sentiment everyday!

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