Wow, what a week it’s been for the Monochrome Workshop!

If you haven’t heard already: we’ve launched our Kickstarter! Take a look at all our awesome tiers here! Hurry, our Early Bird specials end TOMORROW, so take advantage of them while you can! 

We are incredibly thankful to our community, and know that we are dedicated to continuing to give you all quality content and engagement! Every like, share, and comment you’ve given us goes a long way, and we would be nowhere without you! 

Read on to see what else the toons of Monochrome Workshop have been up to:

Art Updates

Artists are focusing on working of key/High-fidelity art focused on the gameplay and the storyline atm. We’ve done a brief overhaul of the character cards on Kickstarter to include some more stylizations as well, and now we’re focusing on:

  • Finalizing Kickstarter art
  • An entire KS page art pass

Development Updates

Vertical slice testing feedback is going well! We hope to post a gameplay trailer sometime in the next 1.5 weeks, and then hopefully soon after that, the vertical slice itself. You’ll be able to see for yourself soon!

Writing Updates

Our Faction Pipeline is drawing to a close! Our groups have started turning in the second and final drafts of their documentation, and slowly but surely the factions that make up the world of Monochrome are coming together! Here’s a peek:

De Fun Police

During LeStache’s campaign for mayor, one of his main platforms was regulating the entertainment industry. When he became Mayor, one of his first acts was to create De Fun Police, a group of individuals tasked with enforcing the law, especially the ones LeStache enacted. For a while, they operated out of the Town Hall, but they’ve managed to set up a few police stations in Vaudeville, whether through claiming closed-down entertainment venues, buying out landowners, or through more… legally dubious means.

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