50 Twitter Game Devs To Follow

Throughout development of the Monochrome RPG and our Kickstarter campaign, the team here in the Monochrome Workshop has had the bountiful privilege of encountering and learning from many of the other brilliant minds of the game-dev community. Here are just a few of the Twitter Game Devs responsible for the games we all know and love:

CEO of the game-dev collective New Blood Interactive, he is one of the people behind the making of DUSK, a first-person shooter horror game! He is currently working through Lot Check, a Nintendo certification, in order to release the game on Nintendo Switch!

Follow him on Twitter: @DaveOshry

This up-and-coming dev is currently working on an RPG with timing mechanics where you can see enemies moves in advance!  In his own words, “Picture a threesome between Into the Breach, Paper Mario and Fire Emblem.”

Follow him on Twitter: @SinisterSiamese

This game design student just released a short horror film called “Perfection”, based off a game concept largely still in development!

Follow her on Twitter: @YagmanX

Character designer, animator, and all-around game artists, this dev is working on Krumit’s Tale, a whimsical and unique take on the card-battling genre!

Follow him on Twitter: @EvgenyViitman

This one-man team does art, miniatures, illustration, and made a game called Wark and Wimble all on his own! Wark & Wimble is a simple but stylish and challenging puzzle game, with 81 puzzles across nine different worlds, and alot of character!

Follow him on Twitter: @PorbleG

This is a solo indie developer working on Darkest Sky, a web-based spaceship simulator game! You can even play with friends in a never-ending and shared open universe!

Follow him on Twitter: @0xEDDA

An independent indie studio developing Spiritus, an open world RPG where you wander around an endless ever-changing world helping people! You can check out the trailer here!

Follow them on Twitter: @TinyNerdGames

This game-dev community just recently took over the Indie Game Foundation, which helps independent game developers promote their crowdfunding and game launches… for free!

Follow them on Twitter: @BBE773 

Another young, up-and -coming game designer who “has a vision to tell stories through games.” Currently working on Imperceptive, where you solve puzzles by memorizing an objects’ shape to a rhythm!

Follow him on Twitter: @BBE773

A man who loves games so much that he not only develops them, he helps teach others how to as well. He just made an educational game about pandemics in order to spread awareness and understanding as a personal project through quarantine!

Follow him on Twitter: @JulietteSierra

An officially licensed developer by Nintendo for over 13 years and the original Bit Boy Kubi! Their current project is Puzzle Box Maker, a way to play in and with pixel art!

Follow him on Twitter: @BplusGames

An indie game developer who’s most recent release is the super-cute “Baby Dino Adventures“! Walk, run, and jump into a pixelated world full of handcrafted sprites and smooth animations. All this created frame by frame with love, and passion!

Follow him on Twitter: @__sleepingpanda

Crazy Oyster Games

A married couple that offers a variety of services to indie dev companies, and also pursues their own goals of releasing quality mobile games!They also regularly release blog posts advocating for mental health in the gaming community!

Follow them on Twitter: @crazyoysterdevs

Owned and operated by solo indie-dev Brian Clarke, they’re currently working on a sci-fi horror themed game called Kohate, featuring radiation poisoning, lethal injection, and tons of creepy monsters!

Follow him on Twitter: @DSDigitalDev

Both indie dev and pixel artist, their game Lantern, a 2D platformer, is currently in development!

Follow them on Twitter: @_monster_demon


Another pixel artist and game developer, his most recent release is the rogue-like platformer Eagle Island, a game about falconry!

Follow him on Twitter: @pixelnicks

A game designer, artist, musician and voice actor currently developing Westgunne, a 2D racing game, modernized shoot-em-up throwback!

Follow him on Twitter: @zanrai_int

A solo composer, sound-designer & game audio implementer, currently developing a first-person shooter called Unreal!

Follow him on Twitter: @Elwood__I

A game developer studio from Slovakia also working on a first-person shooter, this time with zombies!

Follow them on Twitter: @StudioVector3

Former modder turned amateur game developer to “fill that creative hole”, currently working on Tiny Combat Arena, a battle flight simulator!

Follow him on Twitter: @Why485

First and foremost a programmer, Shane Celis is also a game developer that specializes in in evolutionary robotics and enjoys making virtual creature games for mobile devices.

Follow him on Twitter: @shanecelis

A very new indie dev team focused on getting their idea out into the world! They are currently brainstorming game ideas and have recently launched their YouTube channel!

Follow them on Twitter: @CDragonware

A solo game dev who has been making games in their free time for over three years now! Their current project is Hippoxxus, a “sci-fi metroidvania”!

Follow them on Twitter: @LittlePixelGame

A solo developer of indie gaming entertainment, striving to create innovative and fun games using everyday concepts and ideas! Currently working on Hustomtem, a Christmas-themed horror game where the goal is to collect snacks for your resident house elf to keep him satisfied until Christmas Eve!

Follow him on Twitter: @BCStudio_dev

An indie studio that helps promote other indie devs, and is currently working on a game of their own: Whateverland, an upcoming point-n-click adventure set in a bizarrely beautiful hand-drawn world, where everyone gets what they truly deserve!

Follow them on Twitter: @CaligariGames

A US-based indie game developer and creator of Rogue Night, a pixel survival game!

Follow him on Twitter: @AnomalousArcane

Yet another game dev couple, “trying to make games and stuff”. They’re currently working on Hadean Tactics, a deck-building autobattler with rogue-like elements!

Follow them on Twitter: @emberfishgames

A group of enthusiastic game students, “here to have fun and make games”, with the game Autoscopy, in development! Are you streetwise enough? Keep up with them to find out!

Follow them on Twitter: @PoiStudios

An indie studio that tells stories about stigmatized topics to strengthen mental health awareness and social & cultural understanding! They are currently developing Duru, a game that teaches users about depression and how to help others with the disease.

Follow them on Twitter: @Twisted_Ramble

A French indie dev studio that just released a board game called Darkest Dungeon! 

Follow them on Twitter: @MarsTouchStudio

A studio of two Brazilian game devs working on Unsighted, a pixelated fantasy-adventure game! Inclusivity and female empowerment are two major themes they put into all they do!

Follow them on Twitter: @StudioPixelPunk

Bristol based adventurer, illustrator + game developer whose Victorian comedy-adventure is out now!

Follow him on Twitter: @BertramFiddle

Benjamin Rommel is the author of the e-book “How To Make Video Games” and one of the game developers in charge of creating “Monkeys & Dragons” a sci-fi space survival adventure!

Follow him on Twitter: @GalacticCrew

They are an indie dev and pixel artist who is developing their game, “The Corruption Within“, a point-and-click psychological thriller adventure game set in Victorian-era England!

Follow them on Twitter: @Cosmic_Void_

A new indie dev working on his first game, Sketchy House Flipper, a parody game about house flipping TV shows! Instead of fixing houses, you damage them to lower the purchasing price, but be careful not to get caught by meddling neighbors!

Follow him on Twitter: @KirtOlson

Pineapple Works is a Swiss gaming company who lives by the phrase “Polish. Port. Publish.” They just recently released DREAMO, a narrative puzzler where you try to recover your hidden memories!

Follow them on Twitter: @pineapple_works

A man of many talents: a gameplay programmer, designer, 3D artist and animator currently working on the game Project Sky, a third-person action/exploration RPG set in a vast world of old technology and untamed wilderness!

Follow him on Twitter: @GracefullySeth

Another rising star in the game dev community, who also mods Celeste!

Follow him on Twitter: @taco_360

Changing it up a bit for this one! Nathan Meunier is a freelance author and board game dev! His most recent personal project is called Doom Machine, an intense mint-tin and dice chucking solo game!

Follow him on Twitter: @nmeunier

Another newer game dev, working on the hilariously named It’s Six Random Characters & a Single Floor Dungeon, That’s the Whole Game‘, a rogue-like, classic dungeon crawler!

Follow him on Twitter:

A talented product and UI designer, marketer, and business dev! An asset to Valve, a video-game publisher that works closely with Steam and focuses on developer outreach!

Follow him on Twitter: @aldenkroll

A game dev dedicated to interacting with his audience, he regularly holds chats and livestreams on Twitchwith his fanbase to answer their questions and share any current projects he is working on!

Follow him on Twitter: @JeanDavidMoisan

A group of developers working on a fantasy open world RPG, The Books of Valour, which utilizes an early 2000s, low-res artstyle!

Follow them on Twitter:

A game dev and artist working on a game all about soapbox racing, Zeepkist!

Follow him on Twitter: @fiets38

An indie-game studio that specializes in Twitch-interative quizzes and game shows! Their latest, Google That, streams every Tuesday and Saturday!

Follow them on Twitter: @PersephoneChair

A game programmer and Twitch quiz and game show host, which he develops himself: The Golden Mind!

Follow him on Twitter: @ATheBash

A game studio working with a purpose. Because art, higher meaning, and a really fun video game don’t have to be mutually exclusive! They’re currently developing Inanis, a boss-rush, deck-building game!

Follow them on Twitter: @studios_polo

He may still be a student, but he’s also a successful game dev and 2D artist! Sometimes the newest to the scene have the freshest ideas, and he is certainly one to keep on the lookout for!

Follow him on Twitter: @PixlWalkr

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