Kickstarter is a great way for indie gamedevs to fund their development dreams, but from a backer standpoint, it can be hard to know which pages are promising. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 25 awesome indie game Kickstarters (in no particular order) for you to check out! Some are upcoming, some are in progress, and others are in development, but ALL of them have the D.V.N.C-eal of approval!

1) Romancelvania - The Deep End Games (@TheDeepEndGames)

A visually INCREDIBLE action RPG, play as Dracula and fight your way through Transylvania to seduce and date a cast of the world’s most gorgeous (and iconic) monsters! Romancelvania features exploration based platforming and in-depth weapon and magic based combat in this new take on the metroidvania genre! Sounds like something you could really sink your teeth into? Then be sure to check out their Kickstarter!

2) The Adventures of Bluke Bifton: Chapter One - Brainloaf Studio (@BrainloafStudio)

The two-man team at Brainloaf Studio bring to the table an absurd world and an even stranger point-n-click adventure to go with it! Make or break alliances with a fully-voiced cast of absurd characters as you journey across a once-peaceful land to discover the secrets behind the recent chaos. Bluke’s journey may have been fully funded on Kickstarter, but there’s still a chance for you to get in on the action! Wishlist the game on Steam or follow the developers on Twitter to get updates!

3) Farmer Supreme! - Sombrero Cat, LLC (@_SombreroCat)

Rediscover the lost art of real farming in this exploration/adventure and farming sim! Lil’ Max is an orphan who dreams of being able to help the hungry in the town he loves, and so he sets out to find the last great farmer and learn how to make that dream a reality! There’s one catch though: Lil’ Max is a lover, not a fighter! You’ll have to find creative ways to defeat creatures or find out how to avoid them entirely on your quest to save your town. If this interests you, you’d better hurry to back them while you still can, as their Kickstarter ends in less than a week!

4) Lonesome Village - Ogre Pixel (@OgrePixel)

After a strange calamity wipes out a cozy town named Lonesome, it’s up to Wes the coyote to help them rebuild off the brink of destruction! Learn about the origin of Lonesome and befriend your neighbors as you make it your home. Backers were so excited for Lonesome Village that it raised enough funds to reach ALL of its stretch goals, but not to worry if you didn’t pledge in time! You can still pre-order the game on Backerkit, linked on their Kickstarter page!

5) Barony - Turning Wheel, LLC (@Turning_Wheel)

Another successful Kickstarter! Barony is a procedurally-generated first person dungeon crawler RPG with perma-death mechanics. Play by yourself or with up to four friends and try to reach the bottom of the “Barony”—the dungeon/home of a baron turned lich, full of traps and monsters! You can follow their development progress on their discord, the link of which can be accessed from their Kickstarter page!

6) Die by the Blade - Grindstone (@dbtbgame)

This fast-paced and dynamic fighting game—inspired by the 3D fighting classic “Bushido Blade”—delivers an exciting gameplay experience unlike any fighting game on the market thanks to one critical feature: much like with real weapons, all it takes is a single hit to kill your opponent. Play alone or with friends, dismember and defeat your enemies, and most of all: be sure to back them on Kickstarter before it’s too late!

7) A Fox Tale - Danny Peet (@AFoxTaleGame)

Play as the adorable four-legged protagonist, Eva, and platform through a beautiful world full of wonders and horrors alike, as Eva must race through the ever-changing darkest corners of her past. Make friends and outrun Eva’s demons, deciding her fate with every choice you make. A Fox Tale’s Kickstarter may be over, but Eva’s tale is only just beginning. Follow “A Fox Tale” on Twitter or wishlist the game on Steam for updates and to hear when the game officially drops!

8) Spellbearers - Whim Independent Studios (@whimindie)

In this top-down twin-stick shooter, play as the “Spellbearer”, one of few who has forgone your name and dedicated yourself to using your magical powers to rid the Kingdoms of their various corrupted creatures. This fight to save the world of Spellbourne is heavily inspired by SNES-era adventure games and is being made by whimindie, creators of: Selatria, ANTics, and Dastardly Dairy Debacle! Join them in their quest to bring this fantasy to life from their Kickstarter!

9) Arclands - Jon Keller (@jonkellerdev)

As a wizard with the potential to grow more powerful than your village’s, you and a group of followers are banished into the treacherous islands of the Arclands. Grow your settlement and your skills as a wizard to protect your citizens against the dangers of the Arclands, and learn the islands’ secrets along the way! Read more and back their Kickstarter here!

10) Toasty: Ashes of Dusk - Pocket Llama (@ToastyTheGame)

Play as an adorable Marshmallow Knight named Marshall in this action-adventure RPG where you must save the world of Geldia from the all-powerful evil threatening to consume it. All the while, figure out your own origins. Toasty’s Kickstarter may be over, but you can try their demo here!

11) Chiaroscuro - Joey Mora (@BlackberryKin)

Chiaroscuro is a visually gorgeous metroidvania platformer! Uncover secrets of the world—the lights, your own past, and the darkness that has befallen the world—and face off against the mysterious monsters which stand in your way of answers! Chiaroscuro reached its funding goal and ended less than a week ago, but you can still get updates, find the demo, and join the game’s discord from the dev’s twitter!

12) Survivor of the Living Dead (Redux) - Craig Daversa (@pyroklastic)

The dead have risen and the only thing on Amber Chaplin’s mind is survival. Forage for whatever gear you can—you’ll need everything to fight off the monsters breaking down your door! Survivor of the Living Dead boasts a mixture of puzzle-solving horror crossed with tower defense-like action, and the carefully-maintained balance between planning and a stream of action is what makes this game special! We highly recommend backing it on Kickstarter!

13) Victory Heat Rally - Skydevilpalm (@VHRgame)

Offering refreshing retro aesthetics and turbo-charged action, drift your way to the finish line in Victory Heat Rally! Cleanly drifting charges a “speed boost” to increase your top MPH and turn a race around. With over a dozen tracks, a rally mode, split-screen multiplayer, and a large roster of drivers and vehicles, we’re on the edge of our seats for Victory Heat Rally! With a little over a week left and halfway funded, it’s your last chance to help Skydevilpalm race to their goal!

14) Sun Haven - Pixel Sprout Studios (@SunHavenRPG)

Revitalize a struggling paradise in this RPG and farming sim, restoring it to its former glory and making a few connections along the way! Choose your path—be it as a mage, warrior, fisher, miner, or farmer—and carve your place into the history of Sun Haven forever! Miss the Kickstarter? No worries! You can still pledge from their website here!

15) Another Crusade - DragonVein Studios (@StudiosVein)

As an active time RPG, your sense of timing is critical! Not only do battle actions like attacking and defending have active time mechanics, but many overworld actions test your rhythmic mettle as well, allowing you to platform, solve puzzles, and even get the jump on your enemies! A spiritual successor to Super Mario RPG, Another Crusade has a lot of promise for the future of RPG mechanics. If you weren’t able to back their Kickstarter, you can try the demo and find their social media on their itch page!

16) Aeternum Vale - BorisCerdan (@CerdanBoris)

Aeternum Vale is a melodic & atmospheric 2D pixel-art adventure through a strange and uncharted world, full of riddles and mysteries, set somewhere between a puzzle platformer and a Metroidvania. Roam a huge handcrafted world, uncovering secret paths and new abilities, exploring further and further these strange unexplored lands, while facing a wide array of enemies and deadly bosses, all the while submerged in its evocative storytelling. Although Aeternum Vale’s Kickstarter may be over and fully funded, you can still back their campaign on IndieGoGo!

17) The Wandering Village - Stray Fawn Studio (@StrayFawnStudio)

Grow a settlement and raise a community on the back of giant wandering creatures known as Onbu and lead them through a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Survive together as you and your Onbu travel across a world full of toxic spore-spreading plants, building a relationship with the giant in the meantime! Best of all: they’ve raised enough money to meet their stretch goal allowing the player to pet the Onbu! Take a look at their Kickstarter and see if this city-building simulator is right for you!

18) VR Giants - Wolfgang Tschauko (@vrgiants)

VR Giants is a local co-op VR game, combining a simple platformer with physics-based VR puzzles. Two players—one on screen and the other in VR—must work cooperatively to reach their goal in each level! To do this, the VR “giant”, Goliath, must protect and support the screen-playing “dwarf” character, David, at all costs. Only by working together can the two players earn their freedom! Their successful Kickstarter may be over, but you can still help by wishlisting the game on Steam!

19) Bunny Hop - Jonm (@Luna_Apps)

Lepus the bunny, a constellation forced out of the sky and into hiding, finds themself lost in the depths. Climb everything you can to reclaim your place among the stars, meeting friends and facing foes along the ways in this challenging platformer with simple controls. Most importantly, never lose hope. If you missed their Kickstarter, you can still join their discord or wishlist the game on Steam and be among the first to know when it’s released!

20) Duru - Twisted Ramble Games (@Twisted_Ramble)

Follow Tuli in a story about insecurities, depression, and friendship as she fights her way through this 2D puzzle adventure. Twisted Ramble Games is a studio dedicated to mental health awareness, and Tuli’s colorful and lighthearted adventure makes stigmatized topics, such as learning how to help someone with depression, more accessible especially for younger players. Wishlist Duru on steam for updates on progress and to read more!

21) Dead Containment - Grump Dog (@grumpdoggames)

A love letter to arcade post-apocalyptic zombie rail shooters, Dead Containment offers a classic light gun shooter experience for one or more players! All the fun of a booth shooter (including rescue events, cheesy dialogue, multiple paths, etc.) with none of the “pay to continue”! The Kickstarter itself successfully finished, but if you’d like a timeless rail shooter experience, be sure to wishlist them on Steam!

22) One Lonely Outpost - Aurorian Studios (@1LonelyOutpost)

A farming sim with a unique setting, bring life to a barren alien planet as you make decisions which have colony-wide consequences. Explore alien ruins to find the planet’s secretes, and meet all kinds of people as your colony grows! The One Lonely Outpost Kickstarter may be through, but you can still stay up to date on its progress! Either on their twitter or by joining their discord!

23) Dwerve - Half Human Games (@HalfHumanGames)

In this tower-defense dungeon crawler RPG, follow the story of Dwerve, a dwarven tinkerer, as they adventure into ancient dwarven ruins, past turrets and traps alike, to uncover lost technologies. Inspired by SNES RPGs like A Link to the Past, Dwerve takes all the mechanics you know and love: dungeon crawling, questing, exploring, and storytelling; and presents it with a new style of tactical turret-based combat where strategic turret and trap placement decide the outcome of each battle! You can still follow their Twitter for updates OR support Dwerve’s development via Half Human Games’s website (note: you may need to refresh the page a time or two)!

24) There is No Light - Zelart (@ThereNoLight)

Battle through bloodthirsty demons to bring order to the world or herald its destruction in this non-linear post-apocalyptic action-adventure game. Hack and slash across a grim Underworld, opposing a dark cult’s plans in favor of your own agenda. There is No Light was successfully funded on Kickstarter, but wishlisting the game on Steam goes a long way!

25) The Kind Camomille - Xavier Moiny (@KindCamomille)

Play as Camomille on the way to her Grandma Rosie’s 100th birthday party, and help others to collect goodies and fill your gift basket. The Kind Camomille describes itself as a wholesome adventure game, and through simple joys—kindness and discovery—it offers a heartwarming experience like no other. While the Kickstarter may be through, you can still support the game’s development via Xavier Moiny’s Patreon and get updates about the game through its Twitter.

And there you have it! 25 awesome Kickstarters (that aren’t Monochrome Episode One, of course!) worth checking out! You never know when you’ll find your next favorite game, and we hope this list was able to show you some good prospects on the matter!

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