This page overviews the Monochrome Workshop’s Art Asset Pipeline. The pipeline is the Workshop’s method for assigning, creating, and submitting assets.

This pipeline is mainly for self assignment of single assets. If you would like to take on a bulk amount of assets reach out to nickel or vinceq on the Workshop Discord!

Accepting an Assignment

The first step in the pipeline is to go to the various Asset Progress pages for the different locations in the Monochrome RPG:

On the pages you will see embedded databases. The databases are organized so that assets that aren’t assigned appear first. You can scroll through the database and find any assets you’d like to do that aren’t already assigned (try to take no more than 10 non-character assets and no more than 1 character at a time).

Once you know the assets you’d like to work on you can message Nickel on the Workshop Discord to be assigned those assets. If approved Nickel will send you a copy of our consulting agreement that can be digitally signed. Once the Contract is signed work on the assets can begin.

Logging Work and Updates

After being assigned the asset you will be able to update asset’s progress using the links provided in the consulting agreement.

Art Asset Submission

Once you are ready to submit your Art Asset you can use the links provided in the consulting agreement. Make sure to message Nickel or Vinceq on the Workshop Discord to be approved for submission and receive payment through paypal

If you have any questions or suggestions about the pipeline let us know on the Workshop Discord by messaging vinceq or nickel or via email