Top 10 Video Games in Black and White

Many forms of media feature a wide variety of art styles, from abstract to bright.  Seeking a different artistic purpose, these styles use a wide variety of colors.  Monochromatic color schemes, though, can do at least as much with less.  With primarily two colors to use, due to technology handicaps or intentional choices, these games […]

Top 10 Non-Violent Video Games

With 2020 already being hectic as it is sometimes we just need to pump the brakes a little. Not every game has to be about killing zombies or fighting that final boss. The games on this list feature little to no combat in its design and encourage the player to take a different approach to […]

50 Twitter Game Devs To Follow

50 Twitter Game Devs To Follow Throughout development of the Monochrome RPG and our Kickstarter campaign, the team here in the Monochrome Workshop has had the bountiful privilege of encountering and learning from many of the other brilliant minds of the game-dev community. Here are just a few of the Twitter Game Devs responsible for […]

Calm Before the Storm: Developer’s Log 10/16/2020

After a hectic start to the month, things have been relatively calm as we get closer and closer to the Kickstarter, but that doesn’t mean that we’re slacking off on bringing our audience quality content! Read on to catch up on all the latest Monochrome news! Art Pipeline – Lilly A new round of assignments […]

Developer’s Log: Amiable Anticipation – Update 10/2/2020

Our Kickstarter is only 26 days away, and all of us here at Monochrome couldn’t be more excited! The crunch before launch is a welcome motivation and our team is working harder than ever before to deliver quality, entertaining content relating to and for the RPG. Read on to get the latest updates and a […]

Developer’s Log: The Bee’s Knees! Update 09/19/20

With a little over a month to our Kickstarter, the Workshop has been chugging away harder than ever! Read on to get the latest updates on our pipelines, creative bouts, and recent changes to the demo! Art Pipeline Updates – Lilly Hey there Toons! Things have been busy working on the RPG, so here are […]