Let the Show Begin! A Stage, A Comedian, and Food! Monochrome RPG Dev Log #001

What is the Monochrome RPG??? A Quick Glimpse Themes: Laughter is the best medicine, Violence doesn’t solve everythingSetting: Roaring 20s Cartoonland, VaudevilleGenre: Turn-based Comedy RPGPlatforms: PC/Mac (Steam), Mobile, Consoles* RPG Overview The Monochrome RPG is a 1920s cartoon style turn-based comedy role-playing game that follows Otto, an isolated citizen of Vaudeville, who must rescue the […]

Monochrome RPG Demo v0.0.1a Now Available!

The Monochrome Workshop has been hard at work designing, programming, and arting more content for the Demo of the Monochrome RPG. Having tested the Demo over Summer at GEXCon the team has been focused on adding more structured content as well as opening up the creation of the project through a Discord Server and new website!

From the Community: What’s it like being a Game Dev for Monochrome Workshop?

Introduction Math the bane of so many. Technology this weird industry humans invented that has now taken over our lives. Combine these plus a lot of research, sweat, tears, and arcane magic and you have Programming. One of my favorite skills that can also bring a lot of stress.  Hi, my name is Vince. I’m […]