Kickstarter Progress: 6-7 weeks pre-launch

Monochrome RPG Kickstarter Progress Report In the last post in the series (wow, we’re doing it!) We went over our assumed strategy for the Monochrome RPG Kickstarter. If you haven’t read that article you can read it here. T-minus 6-7 weeks! The general strategy was: Pre-Pre-Kickstarter Pre-Kickstarter Mid-Kickstarter Post-Kickstarter Since the Monochrome RPG’s Kickstarter campaign […]

Developer’s Log: Star-(up)date 08/25/20

With a Kickstarter on the way and our pipeline processes being put into production, it’s been all hands on deck here at DVNC! Here’s a couple updates from some of our stagehands on what we’ve been up to behind the scenes these last couple weeks! Art Pipeline Updates – Lilly Hiya, Toons! Things have been […]

Entering Stage Left: Vaughn and Kal!

Introducing our two managers in charge of writing, who, in addition to other tasks, will be in charge of writing and posting dev logs/blog posts!

Let the Show Begin! A Stage, A Comedian, and Food! Monochrome RPG Dev Log #001

What is the Monochrome RPG??? A Quick Glimpse Themes: Laughter is the best medicine, Violence doesn’t solve everythingSetting: Roaring 20s Cartoonland, VaudevilleGenre: Turn-based Comedy RPGPlatforms: PC/Mac (Steam), Mobile, Consoles* RPG Overview The Monochrome RPG is a 1920s cartoon style turn-based comedy role-playing game that follows Otto, an isolated citizen of Vaudeville, who must rescue the […]