What skills do I need?

You’ll need basic 2D art skills to join, however, we work with artists of a variety of skill levels. If you want to improve your 2D art ability then we recommend you join and start viewing our member resources.

How much time do I need?

You can register now without needing to worry about a time commitment.

Once you begin to complete tasks and increase your Rank you’ll need about 5-10 hours a week to complete a basic series of tasks.

How do meetings and events work?

Meetings happen via conference call allowing you to join from any location.

Events happen in person at various locations. You’ll be able to view events happening soon on your Account page.

Who owns the work?

Any work created for the Workshop and the Monochrome RPG is owned by the Workshop, however, you will be allowed to show any work you created through non-commercial means.

How you get paid!

As you create assets you gain ownership in the Monochrome RPG. The more assets you create the more of the game you own. When the game is sold we’ll finalize ownership percentages and send documentation on payment.

You’ll also gain additional perks and benefits for increasing your Rank and helping to promote the game!

Essentially the more you create and help promote the game the greater you’ll be able to earn.

Are there restrictions on membership?

Sadly, yes in order to be a member you must

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Be allowed to work in the United States

The good news! If you meet those requirements you can register today. If you don’t you can still support the Workshop and RPG by joining the Discord and following us on social media!