'20s Art Bout

We in the Monochrome Workshop understand that everyone has been feeling grey due to the COVID19 virus. With many being affected by school and work being postponed, prices being dramatically increased, and many exciting events being canceled we believe now is the time to come together as a community.

We want to provide an opportunity for digital artists to earn a side stream of revenue in a fun and engaging manner. It can already be hard to find gigs for digital art, and with the current economic climate, it may become even more difficult. Thus we are announcing the:

Details for '20s Art Bout

Dates: April 8th – June 30th
Location: Monochrome Workshop Discord Server!
Cost: None

Get paid to complete art assets for a 1920s styled indie game. As you complete assets earn points. The artists with the most points at the end will receive prizes!!!

Grand Prizes

1st: $250
2nd: $125
3rd: $50

We will ask that if you start to feel sick that you postpone ALL bout-related work until you are better. With the length of the bout, there is plenty of time to submit art!!! 😀

Art Bout "Rules"

This “Art Bout” is an online contest for everyone in the Workshop (new members included)!!! Participants in the bout will be attempting to complete as many digital art assets as they can for the Monochrome RPG, a black and white 1920s turn-based cartoon narrative adventure. But the best part….

For each asset completed the artist will be paid for the asset and be awarded points equal to the difficulty.

An animated art asset would be worth more than static (non-moving) art asset, but a detailed tree would be worth more than a simple spoon. Here’s a sample breakdown (these payments and points aren’t finalized!):

Battle Characters

Pay: $125-$175

Points: 125-175

Animator will be required to make 6 images and 13 animations:

Character Design
Dialogue – Happy
Dialogue – Sad
Dialogue – Angry
Dialogue – Laugh
Dialogue – Neutral

Overworld Animations:
Idle Down
Idle Up
Idle Left/Right
Walk Down
Walk Up
Walk Left/Right

Battle Animations:
Attack 1
Attack 2

Overworld Characters

Pay: $50-$100

Points: 50-100

Animator will be required to make 6 images and 6 animations:

Character Design
Dialogue – Happy
Dialogue – Sad
Dialogue – Angry
Dialogue – Laugh
Dialogue – Neutral

Overworld Animations:
Idle Down
Idle Up
Idle Left/Right
Walk Down
Walk Up
Walk Left/Right

Background Art

Pay: $1-$50

Points: 1-50

Artist will be required to make images related to the background:

Potential Images:
Grass Tiles
Water Tiles
Impassable Tree
Impassable Bush
Interior Wall Tiles

Midground Art

Pay: $1-$10

Points: 1-10

Artist will be required to make images related to the midground:

Potential Images:

Foreground Art

Pay: $1-$5

Points: 1-5

Artist will be required to make images related to the foreground:

Potential Images:

Art Examples!!!!

As assets are submitted the Workshop’s Management team will keep track of who’s submitting assets and totaling everyone’s points (points will be recorded on a public leaderboard with search functionality).

How to Join & Participate

1. Join the Discord

​To access all of the resources and materials related to the Art Bout you’ll need to join the Monochrome Workshop Discord Server!

2. Fill out Sign-Up Form

This form will be available in the Monochrome Workshop Discord Server!

3. Share Event Info

Make sure to share the event both online (Twitter, Facebook, etc) and offline (friends, family, etc) so we can get as many participants as possible! 

You’ll be working towards competition-wide bonuses!!!

4. Learn How to Submit

Visit our Art Asset Pipeline page to learn more about our artist assignment and submission process!

5. Join Kick-Off Event

On April 8th, 2020 at 7pm eastern standard time (EST) and April 12th, 2020 at 7pm we’ll be hosting a kick-off events. We’ll be explaining everything about the Art Bout and answering any questions!

6. Art, Earn, Repeat

Once the event kicks off you’ll be able to start submitting assets for payment via Paypal! You’ll be paid for each asset and will earn points which towards the grand prizes!!!

7. Join Closing Event

On June 28th, 2020 at 7pm eastern standard time (EST) we’ll be hosting a closing event. During this event we’ll go over what’s been achieved, bout leaders, and information about future opportunities!

8. Fill out Ending Form

Once we’re closer to the end of the event this form will become available to review the bout and to let us know how you’d like to participate looking forward!

9. Wait for results

About 2-3 weeks after the event we’ll announce the results publicly via this website and on the Monochrome Workshop Discord Server!

Bout-Wide Bonuses!!!

Even though the Art Bout is a competition to see who earn the most points by creating assets we still hope to build teamwork throughout the bout. Thus we will be including bout-wide bonuses that will be applied to the entire competition as everyone competing works to reach them.


50 Artists Joined

Awarded once 50 unique artists have filled out the sign-up form and submitted at least 1 asset each.

100 Assets Completed

Awarded once 100 assets have been completed in total between all competing artists.

Assets for Valley Region Completed

Awarded once all non-character assets for the valley region have been completed.

More to be Unlocked!!!


1. All Prizes Doubled

Grand Prizes will be doubled in value!!! First Place – $500, Second Place – $250, Third Place – $100

3. Grand Prizes for 4th & 5th Place Unlocked

Grand Prizes for the fourth and fifth place artists will be added! Fourth Place – $50, Fifth Place – $25

5. Physical Prizes Unlocked

We’ll add physical prizes to each of the Grand Prize levels ranging from stickers to t-shirts

More to be Unlocked!!!


Participating means that you’ll join the Monochrome Workshop an online community creating assets for the Monochrome RPG a 1920s rubber hose styled cartoon adventure!

You’ll have to agree to the Workshop Member Agreements, but you’ll also have the opportunity to get paid for each asset submitted along with competing for the Grand Prizes!!!

After signing up as a Workshop Member you’ll be able to see available assets along with how much you would earn for submitting that asset. 

Once you request to work on an asset you’ll sign a Workshop Freelancer Agreement, submit the asset for approval, and then be paid via Paypal!

More Info

Thank you for your interest in the Monochrome Workshop 20s Art Bout. If you’d like to learn more about the game the art will go towards, the Monochrome RPG you can learn more at: