Mysterious occurrences are happening in Vaudeville, and only YOU can help Otto discover the truth!​

The Monochrome RPG is a highly stylized retro cartoon adventure focused on exploring the political and societal struggles of the city of entertainment, Vaudeville.

After months of development, the Monochrome RPG is heading to Kickstarter to reach it’s final funding goal!

What is the RPG?

Play as Otto, a shy, but dashingly cute rabbit-like creature with dreams of making it big in the world of comedy! Connect with other characters, explore the cartoonish world, and uncover the dark history of Vaudeville through pun-filled dialogue. Otto’s adventure is a thoughtful and humorous story about creating comedy and the struggle of success, set against the backdrop of golden age Hollywood and in the style of classic rubber hose animation.

  • Antique Style with a Modern Story
  • Use Entertainment to Entice Enemies
  • Explore a Toonified City Full of Puns
  • Community Supported since Day One
  • Helping 200+ creatives pursue their dreams

The Story So Far…

Otto is an oddball loner who lives on the outskirts of Vaudeville, a metropolis dedicated to entertainment. In Vaudeville, one’s acting ability is the most important skill to have. Interpersonal conflicts are solved with staged bouts, money is made through attention and those who can’t dazzle a crowd are left behind.

With his crippling stage fright and uncommon appearance, Otto was shunned. Soon enough, the young toon hid his face and fled from Vaudeville to avoid constant bullying. He found a pre-furnished house just outside Talent Town, in the Greyshade Valley, where the rent is cheap and the people are few and far between.

Years pass, and while Otto is disconnected, things have changed a lot. Vaudeville has a new mayor, Mayor Munchen LeStache. The bullish economy is in freefall, the entertainment bubble has burst! Day laborers are disappearing under mysterious circumstances. It seems the world is changing faster than anyone can keep up.

What could be causing these sudden changes? How will they impact Otto’s quiet life? Play along as this new world will thrust Otto into a series of fun and frightening situations that evolve into the adventure of a century!


Come take a trip to another time and place as you explore the stylized world of the Monochrome RPG, modeled after 1920s cartoons! You take part in an expansive and interactive storyline, filled with laughs, tragedy, and mystery. The story merges a modern tale of self discovery and relationships with the antiquated style of rubber hose animation, creating the perfect blend of contemporary and classical.


With Otto as your comedic contender, you will take part in entertainment bouts! Recruit your foes to join your troupe, mastering the pillars of entertainment as you travel farther into the story and world. Settling arguments in the world of Vaudeville comes in the form of Stage Bouts. Toons understand the importance of crafting an entertaining performance, and players will experience and improve their own craft by recruiting characters to join them in their performances!


Are you ready to join a community of creators, gamers, and fans to bring this game to life? Having grown to 200+ digital creatives, The Monochrome Workshop is a group of passionate storytellers and artists who are fans of classic cartoons and games like Cuphead and Undertale, focusing their creative talents on asset design and furthering storyline development. As a backer of the Kickstarter, your pledge will support their work through the development process. Participate, and learn how you too can contribute!

Gameplay Themes

You will experience:

  • Connections through an expansive societal AI
  • Exploration into choices of empathy and ethics 
  • Non-violent battle mechanics


With a game built on community development, Kickstarter is the right choice to complete the final development of the RPG. Funding will go towards asset creation via the Workshop and freelancers, in addition to promoting the game via online and offline channels.

We hope that through Kickstarter, we will be able to give back to the same type of community we harbored through rewards and in-depth updates to the game. If you are interested in supporting us, make sure to follow and back our Kickstarter at launch!

Kickstarter Will Launch In…

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