Who Are The Masterminds?

To our fans and followers, they are simply a list of names at the bottom of the page. To our diligent team of artists, writers, and designers, they are no more than a faceless voice leading a Zoom meeting. If you’ve ever wondered just how DVNC Tech came to be, and how projects like the Monochrome Workshop get off the ground, then question no more! In this series, our creators and leaders have sat down to answer your most pressing questions about the company and our punny world of Ottomess Blohtz!

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Meet Vince Quarles, CEO

In this first interview, we meet Vincent (Vince) Quarles, CEO of DVNC, creative, and developer that believes in promoting experiences that help users understand and relate to new perspectives. He believes that through immersive technology diversity and inclusion can be reached on multiple new levels.

How long have you been working in games?

Wow, I feel old! I suppose about six years now? I started working broadly in games in my junior and senior years of high school and then I took a bunch of programming classes and got recommended by my teacher to enter a game development competition for a business club that I was in. That’s really how it got started, and then from there I got really into programming and decided to go to Drexel University, which is known for their game design break-offs, so I went on to specialize in games from there.

How did you and the other founders get the inspiration to create DVNC?

I met Nick in my sophomore year of college. My major was Digital Media and his was Game Art and Production, so there was a lot of overlap between the two of us. I met Daye through a mutual friend, and then, later on, discovered that we both loved Virtual Reality a lot. All three of us synced up when we started working a VR restaurant in downtown Philadelphia, and after working together there for such a long time, we figured “Why not make our own VR company?” This was in July of 2018, so it’s been slightly more than two years now since DVNC was established.

What were some of the biggest hurdles & hardships you had to overcome when starting your own business?

Since the three of us all had majors that were very programming and art-oriented, it was very hard figuring out how to translate those other to a business standpoint, especially in that first year. We had to learn a lot about business in general: how do you sell, how do you market, etc.

What challenges specific to the video game community have you encountered?

There is not a lot of documentation on how to make an indie game. It’s certainly out there, but incredibly hard to find, and not many start from a ground zero and working their way up from there.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own video game business?

Definitely do not be afraid to show your work and put yourself out there. That is how you’ll gain followers and a fan base. Also, spending a lot of time learning how to market, because if you can’t do that then people won’t know about your game. Furthermore, know how to sell, especially to your specific target audience.

What is the most rewarding experience you've had in this line of work?

Everything about the Monochrome Workshop! Interacting with all the people in it is so great, and getting to meet so many from various backgrounds that can introduce such unique ideas to the game is the best part of this job.

What does a normal day look like for you?

I wake up between 6-7 am, do some very light planning, usually the top five tasks I want to accomplish that day. From around 8-9 I start to get everyone going, reading reports and working on the overall goals we want to meet for the week. By around 10 I’m heading into meetings, which can last until 1 or 2 in the afternoon. After that, I work into the night with a break for dinner in between. Since I’m the CEO my work can cover anything from coding, web development, and design, but lately, most of my time has been spent helping the art pipeline.

Up Next:

Next in our series, we will be interviewing Nick, the CFO of DVNC, for a take on his life and involvement in the projects of the company! If you’d like to insert some humor and puns into your life, check out our Kickstarter!