The Monochrome RPG focuses its gameplay on the power of relationships. This means that in order to become more entertaining you and Otto will journey throughout Vaudeville meeting new and familiar toons. As you meet these toons you’ll have the opportunity to raise your relationship and affinity with them leading them to join your group of actors aka Troupe or boost your strength as Fans!!!

Core Mechanics


Toons in Vaudeville all belong to factions and have personal traits that determine how easy they will be to get along with. The more toons that you befriend the more sway you’ll have in Vaudeville and on stage!


Vaudeville is full of Troupes that specialize in arts and entertainment. Troupes are groups of toons who have joined together to go on stage and perform against other Troupes in Bouts. These staged Bouts are used as a means to solve fights and arguments between Troupes and other Vaudevillian.

Social AI

Each toon in Vaudeville has traits and emotions to help them respond to events. Otto will have to perform deeds, give gifts, and entertain his way through Vaudeville’s social ladder.

More Coming Soon!!!