Otto is a bit of an oddball loner who lives on the outskirts of Vaudeville, the city of entertainment and smiles. In Vaudevillian society, acting ability is the most important skill to have. Conflicts are solved with staged bouts, money is made through attention and those who can’t wow a crowd are left alone.

With his constant stage fright and unique appearance, Otto eventually put on a white garb and cap then barged his way out of Vaudeville to avoid the constant bullying. He found a pre-furnished house just outside Talent Town, past the Vicious Valley where he could live cheap thanks to the rude furniture.

Years pass, toons change, and politics happen! Vaudeville has a new mayor, Mayor Munchen LeStache! The economy is now in an uproar! The entertainment bubble has burst! Interestingly, labor jobs are decreasing as work is deemed dangerous due to suspicious disappearances.

What could be causing these sudden changes? How will they impact Otto’s new life? Watch as the disruptions in Vaudevillian society thrust Otto into a series of annoying situations that evolve into the adventure of a century! 



Ottomess Blohtz, Otto, in the most basic of terms, is an outcast of Vaudevillian society. No one truly knows where he came from, but most of them are perturbed by his freakish appearance. As such, he is always covered by his clothing, only revealing his eyes and ears. Otto wants to be accepted in society and find love for himself, he thinks that finding a job will help. 


Rayel the mosquito is Otto’s friend who often braves past the City limits to visit him. However, being a mosquito, Rayel has often accidentally bitten Otto with her nose when they embrace, sucking his ink and straining their relationship. Because of this accidental biting, she’s usually avoided by others and has issues with being open about her feelings, which is how the two met when they were little.


An employee of Blaq and Wite Factory, Smolder is a responsible but somewhat moody character who is almost never seen without a trademark cigar. Known around Vaudeville for his love of noir themes and his hardboiled attitude. Smolder is the lizard you want when you need answers or a strong glass of jitter juice along with the serene melodies of smooth jazz.

The Gackle

Gackle, commonly known as The Gackle in the Vaudevillian Underground, is Otto’s basement-dwelling, party lovin’ roommate. Gackle is Gatsby-like figure, throwing lavish parties for who knows why (many question where his money comes from). Otto and the furniture hate how crazy Gackle and his friends can get, but they respect Gackle’s views on enjoying life to the fullest.


Otto's House

In a medium-sized older rustic manor lives Ottomess Blohtz, aka Otto. Otto rented out this manor after moving away from central Vaudeville due to constant bullying.

Greyshade Valley

Otto’s House is located in the Greyshade Valley a semi-rural, semi-wild region outside Talent Town. The valley is home to tasty fruit, wild vegetables, and viciously cute critters.

Talent Town

Inside the Vaudeville city limits along the Vintage River is a humble town of toons named Talent Town. Many upstarts in Vaudeville’s history have began their journey here.



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