Otto is an oddball loner who lives on the outskirts of Vaudeville, a metropolis dedicated to entertainment. In Vaudeville, acting ability is the most important skill to have. Interpersonal conflicts are solved with staged bouts, money is made through attention and those who can’t dazzle a crowd are left behind.

With his crippling stage fright and uncommon appearance, Otto was put out. Soon enough, the young toon hid his face and fled from Vaudeville to avoid the constant bullying. He found a pre-furnished house just outside Talent Town, in the Greyshade Valley, where the rent is cheap and the people are few and far between.

Years pass, and while Otto is disconnected, things have changed a lot. Vaudeville has a new mayor, Mayor Munchen LeStache. The bullish economy is in freefall, the entertainment bubble has burst! Day laborers are disappearing under mysterious circumstances. It seems the world is changing faster than anyone can keep up.

What could be causing these sudden changes? How will they impact Otto’s new life? Play along as this new world will thrust Otto into a series of fun and frightening situations that evolve into the adventure of a century!