1. While in Otto’s house, the player chooses which actors will join their cast from their troupe.
  2. The player leaves Otto’s house.
  3. After leaving Otto’s House, the player is standing in front of the door in a small glade. 
  4. They begin walking  onto the path and then they follow the path to the right. 


  1. A little toon girl approaches the player. A dialogue box appears at the bottom of the screen.
  2. She begins to explain that there’s been sightings of a monster recently. The player advances dialogue with a button press.
  3. Otto responds, worried about a possible monster encounter. 
  4. The girl teases him, stirring Otto up and helping him find his resolve.
  5. The toon girl leaves to the right, and the conversation ends.
  6. The player continues to the right, following the girl. 


  1. As the player explores the environment, they run into a living toon tree. 
  2. The tree antagonizes Otto upon their encounter, and the overworld fades away.. 
  3. The curtains open and the battle begins. There are a number of UI elements representing important battle information. 
    1. Garde operates like health points. It is lowered by incoming attacks and if an actor’s garde reaches zero the actor must “bow out” and can not participate in the battle any longer.
    2. Affinity begins at zero and is raised through the usage of jokes. If affinity is high enough on an enemy combatant, the chances of the player being allowed to capture them is much higher. 
    3. Depending on an enemy’s type, different levels of affinity and garde may alter the effects of their attacks.
    4. Time units represent the amount of energy your cast of actors can expend in a single action. Players steadily accumulate time units as real time passes. 
    5. Different actions cost differing amounts of time units. Players must act fast so as not to fall behind their enemy.


  1. Casts begin accumulating time units (time units), which can be spent on actions. 
  2. The enemy launches an attack at Otto, costing them 50 time units and lowering Otto’s garde. At the beginning of the battle, the order of actions is decided by the enemy’s higher speed stat.
  3. The player accumulates 200 time units and selects an action. This time they select Entertain, a joke from one of the cast members.
  4. 150 time units is spent, bringing the player down to 50 time units. They must now perform a timing based joke to successfully entertain the enemy combatant. 
  5. They succeed, and the enemy’s affinity is increased. The enemy has reached 200 time units in this time and launches an attack against Otto. His garde decreases. 


  1. The player has 100 time units and tries to entertain again. It doesn’t work, as they lack sufficient time units. 
  2. The player instead attacks, spending 100 time units. The enemy’s garde decreases.
  3. The enemy attacks again, taking a lot of Otto’s garde. Otto’s animation becomes sluggish, he is close to death.
  4. After a few seconds of waiting, the player selects an item from their inventory. The Pickled Yummyfruit restores 20 points of Otto’s garde, which costs the player 50 time units. 
  5. The enemy spends 300 time units on an attack against one of the cast members, emptying their garde entirely. They bow out of the battle.
  6. The player selects another attack, spending 100 time units to lower the enemy’s garde to very low levels.


  1. The enemy spends 50 time units to lightly attack Otto.
  2. After waiting for a moment, the player selects Entertain and spends 200 time units to raise the affinity of the opponent. Their affinity is peaking.
  3. The player selects Capture, spending 100 time units to attempt to persuade the opponent to join their Troupe.


  1. Since the opponent’s garde is low and their affinity is high, they concede. The opponent joins Otto’s troupe!
  2. Curtains close.
  3. In a new menu, the player can see the status of their cast as well as the stats of their new recruit. 
  4. The player also sees a summary that explains how entertaining they were, how empathetic they were, and other core battle stats.
  5. Performance tokens are granted.
  6. The player returns to the overworld.
  7. Opening a menu, the player navigates to their healing items.
  8. They give a troupe member a Pickled Yumfruit, restoring their Garde.
  9. The player continues into the forest.