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Monochrome is a collaborative 2D classically-animated Action RPG set in a cartoon world styled after 1920-1940’s era rubberhose animation.

Ready to experience a berry punny narrative adventure filled with solicitous enemies, strange events, staged battles, and a sidesplitting day in the city of entertainment Vaudeville?

Play as Otto a, not for long, lone comedian who sets out on the journey of a century after his daily routine is ruined! Head to work after a Maniacal Morning, rush through the Grim Greyshade, deal with the Trouble in Talent Town, and try to fix the Broken Barge all while performing on stage, entertaining enemies, and building your own acting troupe!

Development of the Monochrome RPG is being aided by the Monochrome Workshop! A growing 200+ member creative community full of dedicated and passionate digital creatives who contribute various assets to the RPG!


In the beginning, Monochrome started as a thought project between friends on the art-sharing platform DeviantArt. Over the course of a few years, this group built up much of the world, lore, and story which survives into the game to this day! One of those members, had connections through family to the game industry, and thus DVNC was recruited and hired to bring Monochrome to life!


DVNC Tech LLC–whose founders’ began their company while working in a VR cafe and whose previous titles consisted only of VR experiences–took the collaborative nature of Monochrome RPG’s origins and turned it into the game’s M.O. They designed and built a website from which they can assign work to members of our “workshop”: a team of freelancers which work together to create the assets, side-quests, filler text, and music of Monochrome.



In Vaudeville, an entertainment metropolis, acting ability is the most important skill to have. Interpersonal conflicts are solved with staged bouts, power is gained through attention, and those who can’t dazzle a crowd are left behind. With his crippling stage fright and uncommon appearance, Otto garnered the wrong kind of laughs from his peers. Soon enough, the young toon hid his face and fled from Vaudeville to avoid the constant bullying. He now lives in a pre-furnished house he found just outside Talent Town, in Greyshade Valley, where the rent is cheap and the people are few and far between.

Years pass, and in Otto’s time away, life in Vaudeville grows increasingly stranger. Vaudeville has a new mayor, Mayor Munchen LeStache, with the last mayor seeming to disappear into thin air after the inauguration. The bullish economy is in freefall, the entertainment bubble has burst! Day laborers are disappearing under mysterious circumstances. It seems the world is changing faster than anyone can keep up!

What could be causing these sudden changes? How will they impact Otto’s new life? Play along as this new world will thrust Otto into a series of fun and frightening situations that evolve into the adventure of a century!

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Team Managers


Vince Quarles
CEO & Story Lead, DVNC

Nick Leffler
COO & Art Lead, DVNC

Daye Kassie
CFO & Music Lead, DVNC

Art Team

Nick Leffler
COO & Art Lead, DVNC

Rachel Bradley
Art Manager, Freelancer

Cliff Pierre
Animation Manager, Freelancer

Writing Team

Vince Quarles
CEO & Story Lead, DVNC

Vaughn Smith
Story Manager & Co-writer, Freelancer

Kal Landers
Assistant Story Manager & Co-writer, Freelancer

Cliff Pierce
Workshop Assistant Manager, Freelancer

Music Team

Daye Kassie
CFO & Music Lead, DVNC