Current Project: Demo +

What is the Demo+ ?

The Demo+ is an extended version of the Monochrome RPG Demo. After testing the Demo at a game convention in late July and getting feedback from about 100 testers the Workshop has decided to expand upon the Demo’s design thus the idea for the Demo+ was formed.

What is needed for the Demo+ ?

In order to expand upon the design of the Monochrome RPG Demo various art, animated, and sound assets will be needed. Luckily we have finished writing out the story for the Demo+ allowing us to focus on creating the assets needed and getting them to the programmers to put in the game!

Art Assets Needed

You can view a list of the needed assets below:
Demo+ Asset List

Demo+ Completion

How can I help with the Demo+ ?

Thank you for showing your interest! You can help by going to the Tasks page and completing any available modules. In order to get assigned an Art Asset Module you’ll need to fill out the Art Asset Application. Once you submit the application you’ll be emailed a Module code you can enter on the right side of the Dashboard page.

When will the Demo+ be complete?

We’re hoping to complete the Demo+ by early 2020!

Monochrome RPG

Who is Otto?

Otto is a bit of a loner, living on the edge of his home town of Vaudeville, and struggling to find his way in the world.  He’s cute, he’s funny, but he just can’t seem to find the right job and the right friends. Most of the creatures in Vaudeville appears to be having so much fun… but he just doesn’t see the world the same way.  His sense of humor is a bit… odd. And his friends are a bit… off. On top of all that, strange bugs and creatures have been appearing lately around his house…. Well, they are making him worried….

What's happening to his world?

Unbeknownst to Otto, a group of evil objectivists seek to drain all of the entertainment value out of Vaudeville.  Chairman Fountainhead is working behind the scenes, manipulating the people, politics and business community of Vaudeville, in an attempt to control everyone’s lives!

What can he do to stop it?

Otto can take up arms to defeat these outrageous foes, using all sorts of objects as weapons to pound them into submission.  But he also learns that his ability to entertain can earn him friends, and those friends can help him in battles against bosses and the powerful enemies that seek to destroy his hometown!

How can I help?

Otto’s superpower is his ability to entertain — but he can’t use that superpower without your energy and talent!  Can you dream up characters for Otto’s world? Great! Take a look at our guidelines, draw them up, contribute them to the community! Can you turn them into digital assets using commercial software?  That’s awesome! Turn them into sprite sheets and animations, submit them to our team, get our feedback, and see if they are accepted for use in the game! If we get enough artists, and enough digital assets, we’ll be able to complete the Monochrome RPG!