Monochrome RPG features a diverse and fleshed-out world of intrigue both political and personal! As glimpsed in our demo, Otto has a lot to learn about the many different facets of life in Vaudeville, but lucky for the players, we have guides!

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There are two main social spheres in Vaudeville: the ruling class and the working class.

Ruling Class

These are the ruling class, people who have power over others and often use that power to their personal advantage, oppressing their underlings.

The institutional elite of Vaudeville. For their balancing act at the top of the ladder, they dance deftly between crime, business, and government in order to maintain their position.

Business is booming in Vaudeville, and the slapstick fat cats are riding the wave. They rule over cartoon sets with an iron fist and domineer over cast and crew.

The Church of Vaudeville
Perhaps the sunniest of the ruling factions, the Church doesn’t violently crack down or otherwise tend to abuse, but they are willing to slip into the shadows when need be.

A lower ruling class, the mafia is often one of the only ways the working class can enter the ruling class. They violently crack down anywhere the light of the law doesn’t shine.

The lackeys of the ruling class, they might not have a ton of power to make their own decisions, but they’re often used by other ruling class factions as thugs to keep the working class in line.

Working Class

These are your normal people, those who work everyday beneath a boss, and often in poor conditions. Otto belongs to the working class.

Acting is glamorous. Being a part of an acting troupe, starring in slapsticks and cartoons, they’re the cream of the crop who still answers to the whims of the executives.

Everyone’s gotta eat, and these Vaudevillians care for and produce for the rest of them. Removed from the cities, they typically prefer to be left alone.

Day Laborers
Lifting cargo, stocking shelves, towing lines, mining, etc. Anytime toonpower or human forces are needed, the Day Laborers are there. They’re a tight knit group, but they’re particularly pressed beneath the thumb of their bosses.

The most left behind of the working class. Undergrounders often are unemployed, or underemployed, scraping together a living wherever they can. Undergrounders take care of their own.

Political Sphere

Vaudevillian politics are founded on a democratic voting system where a single Mayor and many-membered Counsel are elected. Laws are enforced by De Fun Police who crack down on unlawful activities, including unelicited/unsanctioned/unlicensed entertainment, and balance out the Mayor and Counsel.

When voting for politicians, Vaudevillians focus on their personal ideologies of entertainment! These ideologies have three dimensions:

  • Balancing entertainment type
  • Encouraging certain styles
  • Determining how entertainment gets made

Balance between comedic and tragic practitioners:

Troupes can either practice comedic or tragic acts, and Vaudevillians have differing opinions on how many of each type there should be!

How entertainment should be produced:

Vaudeville’s current hot button topic, Young and Old Vaudevillians argue over the role of technology in the future of entertainment. Modern tech like radios, moving pictures, and production line innovations are creating new jobs that focus less directly on entertaining others, but could support the spread of entertainment throughout and beyond Vaudeville!

Older Vaudevillians believe in prioritizing “talent-based” entertainment, which mirrors the painters, actors, and tailors that Vaudeville’s always had in its spotlights. Younger toons laud the potential they see in commercialized entertainment devices created by businesstoons like Blaq and Whyt.

Encouraging certain styles:

Vaudevillians use their votes to actively promote the styles of entertainment they prefer (music, for example) and to discourage troupes of other styles.

Mayor LeStache has begun sanctioning the Entertainment District and the Masters of Entertainment leading to an even greater shift in available New Vaudevillian type jobs. As Older Vaudevillians everywhere worry about the future of Vaudeville’s culture, Young Vaudevillians around celebrate their new jobs by attending underground entertainment “laugheasies” hosted by the more rebellious Masters of Entertainment and their allies.

Location Descriptions

Otto’s House

In this old rickety home lives Ottomess “Otto” Blohtz. Otto rented this manor after moving out of central Vaudeville. With close proximity to his job at the Talent Town Docks, complete furnishings, and cheap rent, this place was a no-brainer. The rent was cheap thanks to the rude and surly nature of all the “included” furnishings. Otto began feeling lonely, surrounded only by rude objects, so he subleased his basement out. Gackle aka The Gackle moved in, an aggressive partier whose vibe is on a very different wavelength than Otto.

Greyshade Valley

Otto’s House is located in a tiny hamlet in the Greyshade Valley. Greyshade is a rugged rural region outside of Talent Town. The valley is home to lush blooming vegetation as well as wild vegetables and critters. Talent Town citizens have been seen strolling through the valley to ease their minds. Lately, there have been rumors of a strange creature with many eyes wandering the valley late at night. The townsfolk tend to stay away from the valley nowadays.

Greyshade Valley Locations

Greyshade Farmer’s House

In Greyshade Valley, a spiteful old farmer lives in a small rundown house made of damaged and splintering wood. With a knack for pickling, the old farmer lives a near solitary life, eager to remain unbothered. The items in the house are dilapidated and dusty, worn down over the years of use. The house consists of two floors: the main floor and the basement. Players can explore the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen of the main floor, and sneak into the basement in search of extra goodies.

Talent Town

Upstream along the Vintage River is a humble little place called Talent Town. Many upstarts in Vaudeville’s prestigious performing arts history have taken the first steps to stardom here. Talent Town is well known in Vaudeville as a petri dish of upcoming talent. Everyone knows the inn & general store, and of course Smokestack’s Barge Business.

Talent Town Locations

Talent Town Houses

House 1
Guests who may have traveled from far and wide can take a break from their troubles in the second-floor bedrooms. Consisting of a coat check and six bedrooms, guests can unwind in rooms adorned with all necessities. For guests of a higher status, a few surprises might be in store…

House 2
This small townhouse is the cozy home of a Talent Town citizen. Its sleek design explores the ever-changing style of interior design and is a prominent level in the overworld. The decor is simple and delicate to match the one-floor home. The small townhouse is equipped with a small foyer, open-plan living room, and kitchen, plus a bedroom with an attached bathroom.

House 3
This modest Town House is home to two Vaudevillians. Fashioned with a small hallway, the house is split between the bedroom and the combined living room and kitchen. Rather than have a complete bathroom in the house, a large bucket is furnished in a corner of the hallway.

Talent Town Inn
The Inn is Talent Town’s main hub, known for its great eats and yummy treats! Characters of all shapes and sizes spend time at the Inn, either mingling in the lounge, dining on fine food in the restaurant, or having some much-needed rest and relaxation in the upstairs rooms. The Inn is designed around class and comfort for all social statuses in town. Consisting of three floors, there’s something for all Talent Town and Vaudeville characters to enjoy at the Inn!

The main floor is home to the cozy lounge and elegant restaurant for visitors of the Inn. Guests can snack on a wide range of food and enjoy some quality social time. The kitchen, bathroom, and main check-in desk are all found on the main floor as well.

Guests who may have traveled from far and wide can take a break from their troubles in the second-floor bedrooms. Consisting of a coat check and six bedrooms, guests can unwind in rooms adorned with all necessities. For guests of a higher status, a few surprises might be in store…

Talent Town Store
The Talent Town General Store is the main shop around. Need any toys? Props? Stat Boosters? Or maybe even some conversation? The shop has it all! It’s fully stocked with all of the items any traveler would need on their journey. Feel free to explore the shop, but stay AWAY from the storage room…

Talent Town Docks

A few minutes out from Talent Town are the Talent Town Docks run by Captain Smokestack. Smokestack is the owner, founder, and proprietor of a large and in-charge barge industry in Talent Town. Smokestack uses a steam-powered tugboat to ferry toons and supplies to Vaudeville and back to Talent Town.

Smokestack’s Barge

Captain Smokestack, starting with a simple tugboat, worked night & day to buy a barge. Business soared, so he hand-built a party house with his crew and Vaudevillian architects to create a perfect room for any type of social gathering. Business, pleasure, entertainment: the barge has it all!

Smokestack’s Barge Locations

Dock House
When he’s not ferrying supplies around or partying with upper-class Vaudevillians, Smokestack is at his Dock House. Decked out in sailing propaganda and plenty of reading material, the two-floored Dock House is a cozy and rustic change from the Pierways of Vaudeville.

The first floor is home to a fancy dining room, a full kitchen, a small seating area, and a study where Smokestack can document his recent business trips and earnings.

On the second floor, Smokestack keeps a minibar stocked with his favorite beverages, only a few feet away from his bedroom. The bedroom is equipped with lots of storage space and Smokestack’s journal.

Smokestack’s Steamboat
Smokestack’s Barge is home to his Steamboat, the heart and soul of the captain’s business. Otto’s current workplace, the steamboat ferries supplies from Talent Town to Vaudeville. With three separate floors to conduct business, Smokestack’s Steamboat is well-equipped for any situation.

The top floor is home to Smokestack’s room and the controls for the boat. When ferrying, this is where Smokestack can be found, although he likes to disappear into his quarters for hours on end.

The main floor is furnished with the crew quarters, an industrial kitchen, and a large meeting room for business planning and gatherings.

Below the deck of the steamboat is the storage area, anchor controls, and the boiler room. Heaps of coal and pipes line the bottom of the boat, working to keep the ship afloat. In the anchor control room, an enthusiastic crew member with an affinity for anchors maintains a shrine, protecting it from prying eyes and nosy boat workers. The enthusiastic crew member almost seems too keen on keeping other members out…

Barge Party House
On Smokestack’s Barge is a lavish Party House that Smokestack and his close crew members built to escape and have a little fun. When he’s not making money through his steamboat business, Smokestack earns it through throwing extravagant and entertaining parties. The Party House comprises three large floors for all of his party needs.

On the main floor, party-goers can relax with a quick meal at the restaurant, or even play a game of billiards in the lounge. There is also a foyer with a small check-in desk for guests to catch up on rest.

The second floor is home to frugal and rentable rooms where party-goers can unwind, shower, or hang their coats during their stay.

For a select few of the guests, they might find their way into the basement of the Party House, where a thriving laugheasy hides. Equipped with a full bar, booth-lined walls, and a large stage, the laugheasy is the highlight of the Party House, but it is only accessible to those who know the secret way in…

Hobo Camp
Hidden in a corner of Smokestack’s Barge is a bustling Hobo Camp. Captain Smokestack, aware of the growing hobo community, could not bring himself to kick them off of his barge. The small community is spread out in tents and old shipping containers, using burning trash to keep the fires lit. The inhabitants of the camp have been cast out of Talent Town society, yet they remain the best source for the town gossip!

Theological Beliefs

The Arts

Every Vaudevillian believes in the power of The Arts. Since Vaudeville’s establishment, toons throughout the various districts have honed their skills in wowing others. This faith in the ability to impress with one’s talents has been split into multiple categories, but all are comprehensively seated under the aptly-named belief: “The Arts”.

The Great Creators

The Church of Vaudeville’s religion is widely followed, second only to Vaudevillians’ practice of The Arts. Members of church and its believers have faith in The Great Creators whom they day built the land of Monochrome and helped the First Toons to establish Vaudeville.


Vaudevillians certainly judge each other on their individual styles; however, some believe that all Vaudevillians come from one core style and that there are many more styles out there to be discovered.


One of the lesser known faiths in Vaudeville. Practitioners believe in the existence of… something not exactly black, not exactly white, and definitely not grey. Many in Vaudeville don’t have time to dream of something that can’t be seen.

There are, of course, beliefs outside of these core categories. For example, all that’s known of the elusive few who believe in The Great Beyond is their one most basic, cryptic truth:

"Only those who have glimpsed past the monochromatic dimension can know what is beyond."

The Great Beyond

Toon Types

Toons come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some more common than others! So far, toon scientists have classified the following types of toons (and the rarities there-of!):


(Very Common)

Composed of:
  • Mammals
  • Birds
  • Fish
  • Reptiles


(Very Common)

Composed of:
  • Handhelds
  • Households
  • Landmarks



Composed of:
  • Weather
  • Plants



Composed of:
  • Houses
  • Stores
  • Political buildings



Composed of:
  • Cars
  • Robots

Excited to learn more? Come see Monochrome’s world in action via our demo!