Vaudeville Needs You!

Help us build - and then save the day!

Otto needs you! Find out how you can help!

What is the Monochrome Workshop?

The Monochrome Cooperative is a collection of artists, programmers, and storytellers that have signed up to provide the raw materials required to help build the Monochrome RPG. The RPG itself is an adventure that follows the traveling comedian Otto as he explores various cartoon worlds built off of a variety of art styles. 

Join & Learn

Joining the Monochrome Workshop gives you access to a community focused on learning and teaching Game Art creation processes and tools. Learn about Photoshop, Illustrator, Unity3D, and more!

Work & Meet

While learning how you get to work and finish tasks that help to produce an actual game. The community includes several opportunities to network with other game developers who interested in learning!

Promote & Earn

Membership is FREE, well we actually pay you! Once the project is finished help us promote the game and earn money not just for helping create the art, but also for helping to promote the game!

Play & Beat

The best part, once the game is complete you'll be one of the first to play it. You'll get to see your created assets in a game available on Steam!

Game Completion
Assets Needed
Members Needed

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